Wednesday, August 5, 2009

USAID Meeting

I had a meeting with Dennis Weller the Mission Director of USAID Rwanda yesterday.
I outlined a Hospitality/Culinary Arts School through the partnership of the Hope Center and REACH and asked if there was any chance for funding under their existing programs.

Based on my website search I thought there were a few initiatives we could tie into:
• Economic Growth and Capacity Building
• Investing in People through Education
• Eco Tourism
• Global Competitiveness
• Faith Based Community Building

Unfortunately, 80% of all the dollars in Rwanda are earmarked for two health initiatives (HIV/Aids and Malaria) and all programs are managed by large third party organizations or companies. There is one youth program that we might be able to fund the internships program but right now, that is it.

He did give me some other organizations to discuss the proposal and wants to visit the sites of the two programs. If all the people working in USAID programs are as compassionate and understanding as Dennis, our tax dollars are in good hands.

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