Thursday, August 27, 2009

Countdown to our Safari’s end

Posted by Susan

We had our final afternoon game drive and saw more elephants, zebra’s buffalo’s, lions, giraffes and assorted animals and an incredible sunset. We were late returning because we were so busy watching and filming a beautiful lioness. We hurried to get ready for dinner and decided to dress up for our last day because of the “party”.

Eric joined us and had a warm Tuskers (we found out most Kenyans do not even like cold drinks let alone ice or ice cream). Our pizza (Betsy’s request) was better than we thought it would be and Luanne was thrilled with the banana split; we did not know we would all get one. I asked for a coconut cake and it had a hint of coconut. The singing and dancing of the wait and kitchen staff was wonderful and Luanne filmed most of it. Eric was a delightful dinner companion and fun was had by all.

We asked Eric to see if he could move up our departure time tomorrow so we will leave immediately after the game drive and breakfast with the hippos. Because we will be in Nairobi six hours earlier, we can finally explore the city.

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