Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last full day on Safari

Posted by Susan

Bets and I went on the early morning game drive while Luanne slept. We saw mating lions, hippos in the river, lots of Nile crocodiles who did not get any wildebeest for breakfast during a very brief crossing of about 100 animals. We saw an injured hyena with his left flank bleeding; Eric said he would not last long today. We also saw our regular faves: giraffes, zebras and elephants. I never tire of seeing these magnificent animals and marvel at the rules of the wild.

Luanne finally awoke around 10:00 AM feeling rested and better than she has in days. We got her room service so she could stay in her jammies and continue to heal. The Serena staff is very customer service oriented and very accommodating. We have liked the Serena properties the best and if/when we travel to Tanzania that is where we will stay.

We have one more game drive this afternoon and I have arranged a party for us tonight to celebrate our birthdays and we have invited Eric to join us for the final night of the trip so we can honor him with a poem, his tip and clothes we will not be bringing back to the US. We have enjoyed his company and calming influence on all of us…we adopted him as our brother (although he could be our son!).
It is very difficult for me to comprehend that I will be home in 6 days time and back to work in two weeks. I will need to make some major adjustments to get back in the groove!

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