Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Street Market Nairobi Style

We finally arrived in Nairobi around 6:00PM and got a cab to the Hilton. Sorry we did not get any photos but try to visualize…cars stopped in traffic with men, women and children selling things to people in stopped cars including: machetes, knives of all kinds, pillows, tools, various food stuffs including peanuts in a white cones, flags, maps, balloons, stuffed animals, safety cones, etch a sketchs, soccer balls and newspapers to name just a few of the items.

The haze was stifling from the diesel exhaust and a five mile trip took 45 minutes. I am sorry to say we will need to go in the same direction tomorrow for the Whole Planet Foundation project meeting so we will be out of here by 7:15 AM. Too bad we do not have time to buy masks so we can breathe.

As we drove into the Hilton, they had a gate with several guards who checked our luggage and the entire car with a long handed mirror to look for bombs. We ran into Luanne as she was coming into the hotel after several hours of exploring and wondering when we were going to arrive. Since we were so late, it was dark and we had no time to check out the city center before our SKYPE meeting with John. So we ate some snacks at the Club lounge and after our meeting started working on a few projects that are due before we leave on Safari. It will be a challenge because we only have my computer.

BTW, it is approximately $31.00 for my internet connection in the room for one day!

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