Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye Chad

It has been very interesting having a roommate (especially a 37 year old boy/man) for the past 6 weeks…we have developed a strong friendship that will continue to grow when we return to our lives in the USA. I already know his sister and husband from their visit and talk to his Dad almost daily on Skype. I only need to meet his wife and two Chocolate Labs in Little Rock as he completes his Masters at the Clinton School. The photo is of Chad and Francois sharing their last beer together.

Our experiences with Project Akilah showed we had similar values and with time we knew we enjoyed each other’s personality and wit. One of the reasons we clicked is I did not try to be his social peer and vice versa. We developed other relationships and enjoyed sharing our exploits.

It has been awhile since I had any communal living arrangement and I am thinking about having a roommate when I return because with the right person it can be fun and rewarding. Luckily Luanne and Betsy will be here soon so I will not be alone for long!

Just one of the many lessons I learned on my sabbatical.

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