Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luanne's first experiences

Luckily she made all connections and arrived on time last night. After six hours of sleep, she walked the neighborhood with me and got a feel for the community I have lived in for three months. I took her to the FOREX in downtown Kigali to change money and most of what she brought was old series bills so I am hopeful it will not be a problem in Kenya.

She was impressed with my driving skills and was amazed when I drove her through downtown streets to see the hustling crowds and small business. We almost had to make a stop at the hospital because my friend Erin had found a worm that borrowed into her foot that caused swelling and an infection. She was able to find the medicine she needed at a Pharmacia and did not need a prescription. Luanne was disappointed she would not expereince the emergency room in Kigali...

The rest of the day is busy with the Market and dinner with friends. I hope she can stay awake!


  1. So happy to read about you and Luanne on her first day in Africa!

    Bright Blessings...
    Katie and David

  2. So glad to hear Luanne made it safe and sound. I read your blog to her mom and she is thrilled to know Luanne is there and having fun.
    Keep on posting, Joan

  3. How very exciting! Can't wait to read more! Barbara