Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Day Craziness

It has been a whirlwind trying to complete all my tasks before leaving and it did not help to have car trouble on the way home from the Mountain to see the Gorillas and Golden Monkeys. All of us will post more on that incredible experience while we are in Nairobi.

I needed to go to the bank to deposit the $2800 in checks for the Hope Center and it took me over 90 minutes plus it will end up costing about $90 in fees and the funds will not be available for 30-45 days. I have all the wire transfer information so it will be easier in the future. While I was doing this and running to the Embassy to sign the $4000 grant for textbooks before I left, Betsy and Luanne went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Since I was not able to take them, they had another unique experience in a local cab…and they thought my driving was bad!

I will miss all the wonderful people I met here and facilitating relationships between NGOs. It is amazing that it takes an outsider to help point out synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

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