Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Improvements too late for me

Over the past week they have been digging ditches for street lights on the major road leading to my house…if only this had been done four months ago. Luckily I never hit any pedestrians, bicycles, motos, or other cars but I had some very close calls!

The digging was done with picks and shovels (just like the fiber optic cable) because manual labor is less expensive than bringing in machinery. It will be interesting to hear how long it takes for them to be turned on considering the problems with their power grid.

Some things that still boggle my mind are entering a 20 digit code for “Cash Power” and a 22 number code to add extra minutes to your cell phone. They are experimenting with paying for your cell phone minutes at the end of the month through an automatic deduction from your bank account but a very small % of people have one.

Luanne and Betsy asked me what I will not miss about Rwanda and I immediately said driving!

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