Friday, August 7, 2009

Speed Bumps

It is very quiet without Chad and I was able to bang out a marketing brochure for REACH’s multi-purpose facility but missed the instant feedback on how to upgrade and improve the copy.

To celebrate the completion of another project, I went on a city hike and found an interesting sign; I passed by it daily in the car but never noticed it. It symbolizes the two largest speed bumps I have encountered in Rwanda (or anywhere).

I have asked people why Rwanda has speed bumps on main roads and all I get is to deter speeding. I would think all the police on the roads would be a deterrent and that there are better ways to reduce speeding. These bumps take a serious toll on cars and buses resulting in costly repair jobs. The bad news is they are adding two more to the road leading to my house. The speed bumps and diesel pollution issues will need to be addressed very soon because Kigali is getting very congested.

I am off to Gisenyi, the northern most city on Lake Kivu and the sister city to Goma in the DR of the Congo. I return Sunday night to attend a fashion show and will have much to blog about on Monday. I will miss Hillary Clinton’s visit by one day!

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