Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Jamie “passed by” to say goodbye and brought me a farewell gift (he wrapped it himself) with enough tape to keep anyone form opening it. It was a beautiful piece of native artwork. We loaded the car with my four bags and Betsy and Luanne’s hand luggage. We arrived at the airport to find out Luanne’s flight was on time but ours was delayed until 3:00PM. Luanne went off by herself and we are on the final hour (will be a total of 4 ½) at Kigali International Airport (size of San Luis Obispo). We have chatted, read and culled out are photos during the wait. We only had one brief power outage!

We finally were able to get on the internet and received a revised schedule for our trip to visit Jamii Bora in Nairobi tomorrow (part of the Whole Foods Foundation project). It will go from 8-5:30; which limits our chance to see Nairobi but Luanne will have five hours to tour without us.

I became weepy a few times this morning while packing and saying goodbye to Claire, Francois and Jamie. We had a quick dinner last night with Eddie and Brigitte and that also brought tears to my eyes. I have made a few good friends on this trip and met many memorable characters who I will miss. I am journaling about my feeling on what this trip has meant to me and sometime soon I will share some of them.

We need to head through security so more after our visit with the largest micro financing program in Kenya tomorrow.

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