Monday, April 5, 2010

Lazy Day

I made it to the hotel around 1:00 AM Monday morning and immediately crashed.
Between the cold and jet lag, I spent the day resting and exploring (in between rain showers) the charming hotel...The Fairview, a country hotel in town. It is set within five acres of beautiful gardens and is owned and manged by the same families that opened it in 1946. It uses solar power and sustainable practices in every area of hotel operations. Coming at the end of the rainy season (they have had lots of rain), it is very different than last summer during the severe drought. The plants and flowers are beautiful.

I will visit the elephant and giraffe sanctuaries tomorrow. On the way back to Nairobi, I will stop by a store to buy a usb cable that I forgot to bring to download photos to the blog.

The Whole planet team arrives at various time tomorrow and we will meet up on Wednesday AM to attend the conference.

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