Saturday, April 3, 2010

First flight was painless

I was upgraded to First Class from SFO to ORD and it looks like I will make it into Business Class for the flight from here to Brussels. I napped most of the time but woke up due to a coughing fit.
The self medicating seems to work for 4 hours max(even with NyQuil)and then the sneezing and coughing starts again.
Connecting through Chicago has an added benefit...Garrett's Popcorn. When I had my braces I was not able to have any so I made up for it today and my hands are orange from all the messy cheese!
I only have a 70 minute connection in Brussels so I am hoping both my luggage and I make it onto the Nairobi flight. My friend Betsy would have carry on for two weeks but not me...I did not know what to bring and have two bags checked plus a backpack and a messenger bag.
I can't wait to get to Africa, I have missed the energy, joy and peace it brought me last year. Part of me belongs there so I have lots to figure out for my future; perhaps I will gain an understanding on how I can coexist in both worlds. The best thing about this trip is the time it offers me to break away from my chaotic life and ponder my next passage.

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  1. Praying for you and your discernment every step of the way. Bon Voyage and GodSpeed.