Saturday, July 25, 2009

Peace House and Village Children

We visited a new home constructed for Stephanie (one of the victims). It has three rooms and no running water or electricity. It has a separate kitchen in the back that has a wood burning stove and a pit toilet. It costs the equivalent of $10,000 for materials but the labor is free due to the public service projects. The land belonged to the victim before the genocide so there is no cost to her.

We saw many local children from the village and none had ever seen a picture of themselves. Kristen showed them the video she took of them and they were mesmerized. The pictures tell the story…

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  1. Susan-
    I just caught up with your blog posts as I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. It sounds as if you're having an amazing experience and I feel as though I can live vicariously through your experiences. I am so envious of your travels to Africa and hopefully some day I will be able to return. The work you are doing and the people you are meeting is so inspiring. I loved seeing the photos of the children. I'm sure they loved meeting you.

    Thanks for continuing to share your experiences with us.

    Sara K.