Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After I completed a fundraising brochure for Hope Center (shortened the name for simplification) and reviewed the Strategic Plan for its parent NGO, I took the afternoon to visit the Rwanda Natural Museum. It was a very interesting building that was a gift from Belgium to commemorate 25 years of independence. It had some interesting ethnological and archaeological displays. The Lonely Planet said it was one of the best museums in East Africa…if that is the case; the others must be pretty bad.

Tomorrow I leave for a Peace and Reconciliation program in the Eastern Province (10 km form Tanzania). This process brings together the perpetrators of the genocide and the victims. A documentary will be made of the two day program and you can read more about it on www.peacedocumentary.org

Because of the location of this program I will not have internet access until Friday evening and will post about this incredible experience.

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