Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Rwanda Style

I went to the US Embassy with about 300 other citizens to celebrate with hamburgers, chips, potato salad, chocolate cake, music and games. It was a who’s who of the NGO and government scene and I met people from many organizations; it was a networkers dream. Sorry I have no photos but my camera was confiscated as I went through the metal detectors but was returned to me when I left…I did not know that photographs cannot be taken in or around any Embassy.

The Ambassador read a speech from President Obama for all citizens living outside the USA. Ambassador Symington added his thanks for all the good work our organizations were doing in Rwanda and he is never surprised by what we can all accomplish together.

The Ambassador came from a much bigger celebration at Amahoro (Peace) Stadium where 25,000 Rwandans were celebrating 15 years of Liberation. The TV coverage of the event dominated the news and Sarah Palin had a few mentions on Al Jazeera and the BBC. I do not know if it was the editing but she came across more of a caricature than she did during the campaign.

I am off tomorrow to South Africa and will take lots of photos of the adventure. It will be much cooler there and I will finally be able to wear the jeans and long sleeve shirts that have just been sitting in my closet. Wish me luck with my braces!

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