Monday, June 15, 2009


This weekend, Chad and I went to Butare to pick up my bracelets at the Tin workshop I mentioned in a previous blog. Here is a picture with the man who made them for me. We also passed a number of agricultural and fish farms where the genocide prisoners were working (in pink uniforms). It is interesting that every Genocide Memorial is done in purple and the prisoners are in pink. I have not been able to find out why they chose the colors.

It was First Communion for 23 children and quite a pagaent and very long service o Sunday!

I have a busy week with Project Akilah work, attending two Kigali Women Associations meetings and a road trip to the “Gorilla Naming Ceremony’” in Volcanoes National Park on Saturday. They will name 18 baby gorillas this year. Please go to this site for more information

Several of you have offered to contribute to the Center for HOPE and I trying to find a way to get them on and will let you know in a future post.

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