Friday, June 26, 2009

Power outage offers a different opportunity

The continuing issues of power and water struck again last might when Eddie and I went to the Film Festival Showing of the "Iron Women of Libriera". We went to the restaurant (photo of screen) and ordered our dinner while we waited for the movie to start.  Then the power went off and Chez Robert was in total darkness.  I used my cell phone flashlight for some light until they brought out a few candles.  It lasted about 15 minutes and during that time one man deicide to leave and took a header off the top step.   It took him about 5 minutes before he could sit up and finally stand (we wanted to call an ambulance but he said no he was just a little shaken up).

When the power came back on, the equipment did not work so they postponed the movie and eventually moved it to another venue.  We finally got our dinner (not the best) and decided to attend the opening of an art exhibit instead.  I am very glad we did because the artist had some fantastic work and Eddie and I each bought a piece.  The paintings are an invitation to look through (Umutima w’Urugo); the heart of the family.  The faces are expressive and sometime haunting.  She captures the simplicity of life by placing women at the center of all activities.  The Artist, Arlette Vandeneycken came to Rwanda 16 years ago with her Rwandan boyfriend and stayed.  I looked for a website to show you but she does not have one, only a Facebook page.

This beuatibul painting is hanging in my living room in Rwanda and they will pack it when the time comes to get it back to California.  In a way, the power outage “opened another door” and I found a beautiful memento of the trip. I would still like to see the documentary about three female ministers in Liberia and how they will determine the fate of the country, but it interferes with attending a debating society event on Sunday afternoon.  I have become a social butterfly!

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