Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Unique Rwandan Experience...getting a Dress Made

I need to attend a dedication in July and have been asked to dress in a Rwandan Traditional Dress. There are no “ready to wear” stores so I started my saga at the textile corner in Kigali. I was fortunate to have a guide by the name of Liberata or else I never would have maneuvered through the process.

We chose fabric (much bartering and many people involved) and then went to the tailor shop. I thought we would just drop off the material and I would come back for a fitting and pick it up. Wrong…four people worked on the outfit for about 90 minutes and we walked out with a beautiful Traditional Dress for 30,000 francs about $55.00. It is silk and had about six man hours into it so it was a real bargain.

I do not know how many times I will wear in the US but I am sure I can think of something…maybe when I do my brown bag presentation on my sabbatical!

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