Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Business Meeting in Kigali

Amanda and I met Leah Maringa from the Rwanda Tourism College today. We discussed some of the challenges Project Akilah will face with the population we will serve and how we can partner with the College (four year degree program).
It is no surprise that language skills will be the biggest obstacle so I have asked my friends at the Community College District to help me with ESL (English as a Second Language) contacts.
In the past few days with my shopping trips, trying to set up a bank account, and eating at a few local restaurants, I can see why President is so adamant about needing a quality labor pool to build the tourism business. He was out at one of the better restaurants and had terrible service but good food; that seems to be the norm at hotel reception, reservations, housekeeping etc.
Our boarding school for girls will provide many opportunities to instill a strong customer service ethic. They will take turns serving one another at meal times and participate in role playing exercises throughout the program.
There are two photos in this post, the outside of my Prima 2000 building and the meeting with Amanda and Leah. It took me about 50 minutes to post the last blog with the photos of the apartment so I will need to go to the airport to post photos in the future. It is amazing what I take for granted every day; employment, safety, fast internet, grocery stores, good roads, the list goes on for a spoiled American


  1. I was wondering if the internet speed would be an issue. But keep posting - I am living vicariously through your adventure!
    And what do you mean about safety?
    And any road with a traffic signal is an improvement over Egypt, eh?
    What is the food like? Since it was a French colony, are you able to get good bread?

  2. What if you lowered the resolution on your photos? Perhaps it would load faster. You can do this one of 3 ways. On your camera, under settings, there is a picture quality - set it on VGA or the lowest res available. Then your photos will upload a lot faster-
    The downside is: if you forget to change the res to a higher quality when you want photos to print or to save. Then they will look all "pixalated" (not a good thing)
    The other option is to use your photo program on your computer to lower the photo res. I know how to do it on my mac but no idea about your pc
    Or you can go to http://www.resize2mail.com and lower the res of your photos there.
    good luck
    hopefully you can solve the time to load without the hassle of going to the airport everytime you want to post.

  3. The other way to do this, Susan, is with Picasa. I think I downloaded it onto your machine. If you open it up, there should be a way to resize your image. I think you will regret not taking your pictures at a large size when you get home. Try and take them normally, then resize on your 'poooter. Introduce tipping to them... they'll figure out service. (giggles)